Retail Doctor explains how to reopen your store

Jun 2, 2020
Written by wpengine

Retail consultant Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, is sharing a short video to help retailers reopen from the coronavirus pandemic with the right attitude and strategy.

Phibbs’ premise is straightforward: he said COVID-19 was a “seismic shock” to the trust customers used to have with retailers. Store owners must win back their customers’ trust to survive the pandemic, he explains in his video.

In short, Phibbs advises:

  • Retrain your employees to project hope, not fear or discomfort, with shoppers.
  • The key to recovery will be sales approached creatively, not passively. Employees must hone interpersonal skills that can increase sales, not passivity that passes up opportunities to help shoppers make discoveries they did not plan before they came into the store.
  • Don’t be intimidated that online sales threaten your store’s chances for recovery. Phibbs says owners, managers and employees must make their store the hub of their brands, not the ugly stepchild of an online competitor.

Watch the video here.