Respecting electricity

Sep 22, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Electricity is so ubiquitous that most people rarely consider ways to prevent electrical shocks or burns. Simple steps could prevent common electrical hazards and could save lives.

  • Extension cords: Many “one-time jobs” become a regular fixture, but extension cords are not an adequate “permanent” solution to power needs. Action: hire a licensed electrician to properly run power safely to areas where you regularly need power.
  • Aged and frayed extension cords: Shielding around the cord can break and expose the wires inside, and the prongs can be damaged in use or storage. Damaged extension cords are unsafe to use and can lead to electrical shock or fire. Action: Replace damaged cords immediately.
  • Cover plates: Plastic cover plates on outlets and light switches shield the wires inside from debris and helps prevent people from accidentally touching the conductive parts inside the electrical box. Action: Always replace cracked, broken, or missing cover plates immediately to reduce the possibility of electrocution.
  • Damp environments: GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter) outlets can save lives in damp places and are required in bathrooms and other wet locations. Think of a GFCI as a surge protector to protect people. Action: Test your GFCI periodically with its built-in “test button” to ensure it still functions properly.

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