Report offers analysis of employee advancement opportunities in America’s largest companies

Dec 21, 2023
Written by WR Communications


The 2023 American Opportunity Index report highlights several WR members as companies that foster employee growth and economic mobility.

The Index identifies several companies as leaders in providing upward mobility for their employees. Companies, including AT&T, AutoZone, Dollar General, Gap, Lowes, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sherman Williams, and Verizon are among them. These companies have demonstrated a solid commitment to their workforce, creating environments where employees can advance and grow professionally.

A key aspect of the report is its focus on companies that excel in offering career opportunities without necessarily requiring a college degree, including Albertsons, AT&T, and Dollar Tree. These employers were recognized for their low advancement barriers. They are not only widening the talent pool but are also providing critical opportunities to a more diverse workforce, enabling individuals from various backgrounds to advance in their careers.

The Index also sheds light on companies that serve as springboards to better job opportunities elsewhere. CVS and Verizon are noted for their roles in equipping employees with skills and experiences that are highly valued across the industry. This aspect underscores the importance of certain employers in enhancing their workforce’s future employability.

The 2023 American Opportunity Index provides valuable insights into how businesses can effectively support their employees’ career aspirations. The companies recognized in this report are setting a standard for others in the industry.


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