Reasons to join Washington Retail

Feb 8, 2019
Written by Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs

Washington Retail’s new website presents me with an opportunity to remind visitors of the reasons to consider becoming a member.

Our members across the state recognize the value of combining their resources and ideas to accomplish legislative outcomes that no single business could accomplish alone.

WR membership offers:

Legislative representation

  • We provide a constant and vigilant eye on legislative activity to fight against excessive taxes and onerous laws and regulations that add costs and reduce business efficiency.

Regulatory representation

  • WR monitors state boards and commission meetings on issues that impact your operations. We periodically issue update reports on the status of new regulations and offer testimony.


  • We provide weekly legislative conference calls during annual legislative sessions and issue detailed reports after session on the outcome of all bills that could affect retailers.

Strength in numbers

  • We represent companies that operate more than 3,500 storefronts in every legislative district across the state. The larger we become, the more influence we can exert to create a pro-business climate in Olympia to help your business succeed.

Our new website launched last week. Please take a visit for all the information you need to express your interest in joining WR. To request membership, go to