Proposed gift card legislation

Jan 25, 2024
Written by WR Communications


WR Local & State Government Affairs Manager Crystal Leatherman has been actively working with a coalition of business groups to understand the implications of proposed legislation aimed at revising Washington’s gift card laws.

Senator Trudeau and Rep. Alvarado introduced companion bills HB 2095/SB 5988 and HB 2094/SB 5987. The bills include requiring businesses to transfer unused gift card balances to the state’s unclaimed property fund and would alter existing gift card practices, including cash-out limits and app payment methods. Hearings for all four bills took place on January 16, during which various business groups, national experts, and members from state chambers of commerce expressed their strong opposition. WR is closely monitoring the progress of these bills in case they move forward for an executive session. Watch Crystal’s video update on this important topic.


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