PPEs fitted for women to honor International Women’s Day 

Mar 7, 2024
Written by WR Communications

According to a 2022 Canadian Women’s Experiences with Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace report, half of women workers surveyed said that personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by employers does not fit them properly. Almost half of them have to supplement their own PPE! It is clear that the old approach of “pink it and enlarge it” is still prevalent in the workplace today!

To honor International Women’s Day, employers need to consider listening to women’s needs to improve productivity and inclusivity in the workplace. Tailoring PPE fitting to women employees promotes usage rate, safety, and equality.

Safety and Comfort:

Ill-fitting equipment increases the risk of workplace hazards like falls, overexertion, and the possibility of a serious injury. Additionally, comfortable gear improves focus and reduces physical strain, fostering a safer work environment.

Inclusivity and Equality:

Employers who invest in PPE tailored to women show their commitment to providing equal protection and support for all employees. Access to properly fitting PPE empowers women to excel in their roles, promoting a culture of respect and equality.

Engagement and Feedback:

Engaging female employees to understand their PPE needs is a practical step towards equality and inclusivity in the workplace. Asking for their input helps identify areas for improvement, from design and sizing to materials used. Involving women in the selection and testing process ensures that the gear provided meets their unique requirements and preferences.

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