Other important bills for retailers

Feb 8, 2019
Written by wpengine

Here is a summary of other key bills being reviewed and testified to by Washington Retail:

SB 5323 and HB 1205, statewide ban on plastic shopping bags. This would require retailers to provide reusable shopping bags or paper bags, for which there would be a minimum 10-cent charge per bag.

HB 1159, changing the definition of a theft from a retailer. This would allow law enforcement to question shoppers suspected of concealing merchandise with the intent to steal it. This is a law enforcement tool used in other states but needs to be added to Washington State law.

HB 1727. This would ban issuers from charging a fee for inactivity or dormancy with gift certificates or gift cards. It also would ban expiration dates for such certificates or cards.

WR will update these and other bills in subsequent weekly newsletters and in a more detailed report for members following adjournment. You can read more about all bills by clicking on the links provided.