On Earth Day, retailers show the way

Apr 22, 2021
Written by wpengine

Today is Earth Day, started in 1970 to annually raise awareness of environmental issues.

Retailers increasingly honor the day throughout the year. National chain stores and smaller retailers alike are delivering environmental, social and community benefits every day.

Retailers sell apparel made of organic cotton and sneakers made from recycled materials. Their freezers are stocked with plant-based burgers and pizzas with plant-based toppings.

Amazon and Best Buy are among more than 50 companies that have signed the Climate Pledge, committing to net zero carbon by 2040. As part of the pledge, they have agreed to regularly report efforts to eliminate and mitigate their contributions to climate change. McDonald’s has purchased enough solar power to power 8,000 McDonald’s restaurants. It is even experimenting with a net-zero-energy McDonald’s at Walt Disney World. Walmart, which is on its way toward powering 100 percent of operations with renewable energy, is also making it easier for its suppliers to buy renewable energy.

Three retailers including Best Buy are on Barron’s latest list of the most sustainable companies. You can hear a National Retail Federation podcast on this topic here.

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