New statewide poll shows diverse perspectives on state priorities

Jan 11, 2024
Written by WR Communications

The latest Crosscut/Elway Poll shows varying – and, at times, contradictory – views on state government policies and priorities. It also reveals strong optimism about respondents’ personal finances but significant pessimism about the nation’s direction.

When respondents were asked how they expect things to go in the coming year, here are the results:

Respondents expressed support for repealing one of the two sources of these extra revenues. They support repealing the state capital gains tax by a 57% – 29% margin.

Paradoxically, respondents supported spending the unexpected $1 billion windfall from the capital gains tax and carbon pricing. In fact, 55% want the extra money invested into “schools, reducing homelessness, mental health programs, and combating the effects of climate change.” Only 7% want the Legislature to save the money in reserves and 30% prefer to maintain current spending levels and use the excess funds to reduce taxes.


However, a number of proposals gained significantly more support, including eliminating restrictions on police pursuits (66%), investing in mental health and drug treatment (84%), utility rebates for low-income households (75%), and more funding to address homelessness (66%).


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