Media taps WR leadership regarding Supreme Court decision

Jan 20, 2022
Written by WR Communications

In anticipation of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Biden’s vaccine or test requirement on large companies, KOMO4 News reached out to Renée Sunde, WR’s President, and CEO. Renée said that she believed a decision would be handed down as early as Thursday, January 13, and had encouraged WR members to be prepared to act. During the video interview, Sunde said, “Our recommendation is that retails don’t hold off on adhering to the requirement.”

As predicted, on January 13, the Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test requirement for companies with over 100 employees. It was a 6-3 opinion.

Retailers would have been adversely affected if the Court had allowed Biden’s mandate to proceed. The expense of administration, tracking, and implementation alone would have been cumbersome at the least.

Again, KOMO4 News reached out to WR to discuss the Court’s decision for the evening news telecast. Mark Johnson, WR’s Senior VP of Policy and Government Affairs, was interviewed for the news story. Relieved by the Court’s conclusion, Johnson said, “We didn’t know what to expect, quite frankly, and we’re pleased that the court agreed that this was a bit of an overstep on OSHA’s part.”