Margins close but Harrell, Davison, and Nelson win open seats in Seattle

Nov 11, 2021
Written by wpengine

Although the most progressive candidates gained ground in the vote counts since Election Day, the huge margins rolled up by Bruce Harrell (Mayor), Ann Davison (City Attorney), and Sara Nelson (City Council Position 9) held up as all three won their races. Not surprisingly, incumbent Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda saw her vote share grow at a pace similar to the three candidates who lost.

This surge in post-Election night votes for the most progressive candidates is a very common feature of Seattle elections. One explanation is that the voters who rely on endorsements by The Stranger tend to vote very late, so they represent a disproportionate share of votes counted after Election night.


Mayor                                                Election Day               Final Vote                   Change

Bruce Harrell                                     64.63%                         58.67%

Lorena Gonzalez                              35.02%                        41.03%

Margin                                               29.61%                         17.64%                        -11.97%


City Attorney

Ann Davison                                      58.25%                          51.58%

Nicole Thomas Kennedy                40.96%                          47.62%

Margin                                               17.29%                            3.96%                     -13.33%


Council Position 8

Teresa Mosqueda                              52.40%                          59.31%

Kenneth Wilson                                  47.10%                         40.24%

Margin                                                5.30%                            19.07%                      +13.77%


Council Position 9

Sara Nelson                                       60.31%                          53.93%

Nikkita Oliver                                     39.46%                          45.89%

Margin                                               20.85%                            8.04%                      -12.81%


With big challenges facing retailers in Seattle – especially in the area of public safety – WR looks forward to working with the City of Seattle to make the city a better place to work and live.