M-Commerce is on the rise

Sep 15, 2022
Written by WR Communications

There has recently been a significant shift in consumer habits, with more shoppers making purchases using the mobile apps on their phones. M-commerce (mobile commerce) is quickly replacing E-commerce (electronic commerce) as the preferred method for customers on the go. Retailers need to understand the distinctions between these terms to market their brand better and gain customer loyalty.

Shopping over the internet is known as e-commerce, short for electronic commerce. Usually, e-commerce activities involve the use of PCs and laptop computers which a person would use to access a website to make their purchase transactions. M-commerce involves shopping with mobile devices, allowing customers to conduct business transactions from anywhere with internet access. With a web-connected smartphone or pad, transactions can be made with just a few taps on the screen.

M-commerce offers retailers certain advantages such as reachability, offering more convenience to customers, and tracking consumer habits for better promotional opportunities. Shoppers no longer distinguish between retail channels. Whether they’re shopping via mobile, in-store, or another channel, they expect products to be available and want a seamless experience. Retailers must deliver a unified experience with little margin for out-of-stock, errors, delays, or poor customer service. Their mobile ordering fulfillment must be as strong as the other channels of their business.

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