Love your customers year round

Dec 17, 2020
Written by wpengine

The holiday shopping season will soon be over, so, what comes next? Retail consultant Bob Phibbs writes that brick and mortar store managers need to commit themselves to excellent year-round customer service to improve results in the New Year.

In a recent blog, the Retail Doctor shared some service fundamentals to up your customer service game. At a time when brand and customer loyalty are fleeting, it’s a message that’s good for the whole year.

Here’s a sample of Phibbs’ advice:

  • Communicate hope to your customers. Train your sales staff to inspire, educate and instill confidence that your customers can find the perfect give or just treat themselves to something you sell.
  • Take some risks. After appealing to a budget-conscious customer, your sales staff should show how premium products might be a better fit in the long run.
  • Your store’s commitment to excellent customer service can’t be limited to the sales floor. Don’t forget to communicate it on your website and app.
  • Celebrate newbies. Make first time customers feel as welcome and valued as your established clientele. Offer such things as a tour of the store on their first visit.

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