Long-robust U.S. labor market shows signs of cooling

Mar 9, 2023
Written by WR Communications

Jon Hilsenrath and Bryan Mena


Private-sector readings show job postings are receding more than government reports of job openings.

Demand for U.S. workers shows signs of slowing, a long-anticipated development that is appearing in private-sector job postings even while government reports indicate the labor market is running hot.

Figures from ZipRecruiter Inc. and Recruit Holdings Co., two large online recruiting companies, show the number of job postings on their sites declined more late last year than the Labor Department report on job openings for that period indicated. The companies report available jobs fell further this year, potentially foretelling a decrease in openings in coming Labor Department reports, and a slowdown in hiring this year.

Robust government data on job openings and hiring are among the reasons Federal Reserve officials believe the U.S. economy is overheated, fueling high inflation. Fed officials are raising interest rates in an attempt to slow growth and reduce price pressures. If government reports move in line with the recruitment business, Fed officials could feel less pressure to move aggressively.

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