License plate reader technology proactively protects employees, customers, and property

Feb 2, 2023
Written by WR Communications

As organized retail crime (ORC) has continued to rise, so have violent acts, often accompanying theft and robbery incidents. Public safety has become an increasingly relevant subject for retailers, both in consideration of their employees and their customers.

According to FBI data, of more than two million assaults reported by law enforcement agencies across the country in 2020, more than 82,000 (about 4 percent) took place in retail stores. A recent survey of asset protection managers revealed that 76% reported physical assault against retail employees relating to ORC, and 40% reported attacks involving weapons.

While increases in aggression and violence have forced some retailers to close, employers are looking for ways to protect their employees and customers. They need tools to address potential threats.

Most in-store security measures are helpful during crime events, such as cameras and secure locking merchandise cabinets. Still, these tools don’t help prevent crimes and violent acts before they happen. Installing perimeter security equipment, such as automatic license plate readers (ALPR), can help broaden security awareness throughout a retail business’s property. These systems are becoming increasingly affordable and can immediately notify and alert retailers when vehicles with known license plate numbers first enter their parking lots.

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