Letter to Congress urges support of small retailers

Dec 16, 2021
Written by wpengine

On behalf of WR members, Renée Sunde, President and CEO contacted Washington State’s twelve congressional delegation members seeking financial relief for retailers across the state.

Specifically, Sunde urged the expansion of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) eligible recipients. During the pandemic, restaurants and small business retailers were two of the hardest-hit industries. Deemed “nonessential,” both were impacted by government-mandated closures and restricted operations, which caused substantial revenue losses.

Federal grant programs provided relief to restaurants of up to $10 million in funding with no repayment requirement while retailers were left out, often strapped with unforgivable EIDL loan debt. Retailers continue to face economic hardship, which has persisted due to supply chain disruptions and rampant inflation.

Sunde added that including small business retailers along with restaurants “would help preserve jobs and spur the nation’s economic recovery.”

WR encourages its members to add their voice to the conversation and urge congress to take this necessary step.