Legislature unpacks six ballot initiatives in 2024

Jan 4, 2024
Written by WR Communications


Let’s Go Washington has turned in over 2.6 million signatures for all six landmark initiatives. The campaign has marked a notable achievement in delivering the initiatives to the Legislature before the December 29 deadline. If not addressed by lawmakers in the upcoming legislative session, these measures will automatically proceed to the ballot.

The six initiatives include:

  1. I-2117: Seeking to repeal the Climate Commitment Act.
  2. I-2109: Aiming to roll back the tax on capital gains.
  3. I-2111: Proposing a ban on state and local governments from imposing taxes on income.
  4. I-2113: Intending to relax restrictions on law enforcement officers’ vehicle pursuits.
  5. I-2081: Enhancing parental rights in public schools, including the ability to review student records and opt children out of sex education.
  6. I-2124: Allowing residents to opt out of the WA Cares Act, a long-term care program.

As Washington prepares for an election year filled with pivotal decisions, including the presidential and gubernatorial elections, these initiatives add a significant dimension to the political landscape. With substantial funding expected from various interest groups, the 2024 election in Washington is shaping up to be a crucial battleground for these key issues.


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