Legislature passes more than 300 bills this year

May 6, 2021
Written by wpengine

The state Legislature that adjourned on April 25 passed 334 bills of 1,468 that were introduced, nearly 23% of the total.

Washington Retail tracked scores of retail-related bills upon which it will issue a complete breakdown for membership in the coming weeks. A related voting record by legislators on issues of prime importance to retailers also will be issued for public view.

Governor Inslee has 20 days from this past Sunday to take action on approved bills; either signing them into law, vetoing them or removing sections from bills. Bills in which the Governor takes no action will automatically become law.

Here’s a summary of outcomes on a few key bills of interest to retailers:

  • HB 1076 failed to move out of the Legislature. It would have allowed third parties to sue employers against whom charges had been made regarding alleged violations of workplace protections. It could be considered again in the 2022 Session. Washington Retail opposed the bill.
  • Governor Inslee has signed SB 5355 into law. It allows for wage liens to be brought against employers regarding alleged payment violations. WR opposed the bill.
  • Inslee has signed HB 1033 into law. It extends tax credits to employers willing to engage in retail workforce training. This law will be an important tool in Washington Retail’s commitment to equity and diversity initiatives. WR supported the bill.
  • SB 5191 did not move out of the Legislature. It aimed to put limits on retail price increases during an emergency such as the current coronavirus pandemic. WR worked to improve terms in the bill during the 2021 session.
  • Inslee has signed HB 1445 into law. It updates the definition of pharmaceutical compounding to match that of the Food and Drug Administration. It allows pharmacists to prepare compounded medications without having to do extra work to meet current statutory compounding requirements. WR supported the bill.