Legislature faces deadline for action on bills

Feb 27, 2020
Written by wpengine

State legislators have until March 6 to act on bills sent to them from an opposite house of the Legislature, either the Senate or House of Representatives. Washington Retail remains focused on tracking progress on a handful of bills of prime importance to retailers.

Here is a summary of the key bills:

  • Senate Bill 6281, on consumer data privacy. WR continues working with all parties to reach an agreement with members of the House following the Senate’s overwhelming support for the bill. The bill aligns the priorities of a very broad range of stakeholders. It protects the rights of citizens for privacy and protection of personal data while supporting the right to utilize technology, by establishing a framework of best practices.
  • House Bill 6182, closed captioning on televisions. It would require at least one television in a public showroom to be broadcasting with closed captioning on a statewide basis. WR has requested an amendment banning efforts to impose local closed captioning requirements.
  • Senate Bill 6104, House Bill 2204. These bills to require liquor sales in stores of less than 10,000 square feet failed to advance.
  • Senate Bill 5323, a statewide ban on plastic shopping bags. It has passed the Senate and awaits further action from the House. WR is neutral on the bill.
  • Senate Bill 6440 called for limiting the use of independent medical exams to determine outcomes in workers’ compensation claims. The Senate passed it but the House tacked on amendments requiring that a study be done to determine practical outcomes to limiting IME usage.
  • House Bill 2907, allowing permission for a King County business tax to address homelessness. The bill has been deemed necessary to implement the state budget and is immune from earlier cut-off dates. WR is concerned about accountability and how the money would be spent.

Watch for weekly updates of these and other bills until the Legislature adjourns on March 12.