Legislature faces another deadline for action

Mar 14, 2019
Written by wpengine

In this the Legislature’s ninth week of the 2019 Session, today is the deadline for the House and Senate to cast final votes on bills that originated in each house. After today, approved bills go to the opposite house for further consideration.

The Legislature has just passed the halfway mark of the 105-day session.

Washington Retail is narrowing its focus on bills that remain under consideration. Others never won approval in committees or are being put off until next year for further consideration. It is possible though rare that bills that remain in committee could be reconsidered before the scheduled April 28 adjournment.

Allowing for uncertainties of bills at this writing, here is a summary of key bills in focus for Washington Retail:

  • HB 1491 and SB 5717, scheduling employees. Both bills calling for the mandatory posting of work schedules at least two weeks in advanced failed to win committee approval. Regardless, WR is watching whether either bill could be reconsidered before adjournment or studied further in the interim before the 2020 Session.
  • HB 1159 would allow law enforcement to question shoppers known to be concealing merchandise before leaving the store. The House needs to take action on the bill for it to advance. Washington Retail supports the bill.
  • SB 5397, plastic packaging. It would prohibit producers of plastic packaging from selling it to customers if they were not involved in state-approved recycling programs. Washington Retail finds the bill to be overly broad in scope and in need of more work.
  • HB 1559, back-to-school sales tax holiday. Washington Retail supports the bill to promote sales and give parents and teachers a break on school-related clothing and supplies.

Following adjournment, Washington Retail will supply members with a complete report on the outcome of retail-related bills followed during the session.