Legislators schedule today to end the 2020 session

Mar 12, 2020
Written by wpengine

Washington Retail is monitoring outcomes for key bills in the final hours of the 2020 session, scheduled to end today with adoption of a supplemental state budget.

WR will follow adjournment with a members-only comprehensive report on the outcome of bills and key voting records in the coming weeks.

Here’s a status summary of keys bills WR is monitoring:

  • Senate bill 6281, data privacy. The Senate and House have produced a joint conference report updating language in the bill. It aims to determine responsibility for handling consumer data while extending rights to consumers to determine how the information is used. The business community, including Washington Retail, was assessing changing language in the bill before determining what whether to support, oppose or remain neutral on the final language.
  • House bill 2948, King County head tax with pre-emptions. This would impose a tax on King County businesses with employees making more than $150,000 to address needs related to homelessness. It has been deemed necessary to approve a state budget and can be considered up until adjournment.
  • Senate bill 6182, closed captioning for TVs. The Senate unanimously passed the bill, but it was being held in the House Rules Committee for further action. It would require at least one television in public areas to be showing closed captioning and require a warning before fining an offending business.
  • Senate bill 5323, plastic bag ban. The Senate and House have approved a statewide ban after agreeing on amendments. It now goes to the Governor for further consideration.
  • Senate bill 6440, limiting independent medical exams for workers’ compensation cases. The Senate and House have agreed to study the issue and will be reviewing recommendations from a study group early next year.
  • Senate bill 6699, price gauging. This emergency measure would limit price increases to no more than 10% in times of crisis such as the current Coronavirus outbreak in the state. Final action had not been taken as of this writing