Legislators face cutoff deadline today for policy bills

Apr 3, 2019
Written by wpengine

Today is a deadline for the House and Senate to take action on policy-related bills before moving them to the opposite house for consideration. It also is the 80th day of the scheduled 105-day session set to adjourn on April 28.

Washington Retail is watching bills related to adoption of a new two-year state budget and others unrelated to the spending plan.

Here is a brief summary:

  • House Bills 2156, 2157 and 2158 are budget related. 2156 would impose a capital gains tax; 2157 would change the out-of-state immediate sales tax exemption to require that consumers apply for a refund months after their purchase, and 2158 would increase business and occupation tax surcharges for various service industries. Washington Retail opposes all of these proposals as unnecessary to adopt a balanced state budget.
  • HB 1696, wage and salary information. WR is monitoring this bill that would require companies to divulge wage and salary information to employees and applicants. WR is working to amend requirements to include only divulging salaries to someone being offered a job.
  • WR currently is neutral on SB 5397 that adds new regulations regarding companies that sell plastic packaging to retailers in the state. The Legislature plans further study of the issue after adjournment.
  • WR continues advocating on behalf of HB 1559 that would provide parents and teachers with a back-to-school sales tax holiday on clothing and school supplies.
  • WR opposes SB 5135 that would give the Department of Ecology power to identify chemicals deemed to be too dangerous for public use without final approval by the Legislature.
  • WR opposes HB 2122 that would impose a tax on outdoor apparel to help fund a wildlife fund.

WR will produce a detailed report for members on the outcome of all the bills tracked related to retailers in the days following adjournment.