Lawmakers must restore police pursuits for public safety

Mar 30, 2023
Written by WR Communications

Amber Goldade experienced a heartbreaking loss last year when a tragic incident took her daughter’s life. The authorities failed to apprehend a repeat offender who had stolen a truck for the third time within a few weeks. Despite being spotted by the police, they could not chase and arrest him, ultimately allowing him to remain free.

In a recent statement to lawmakers on the Capitol steps, Goldade said, “Supporters of the no-pursuit law say it was passed in the name of ‘safety.’ Some supporters still say that there is no data saying the law is unsafe. The truth is that there is data, but it shows that the no-pursuit law has made Washington less safe. The data they used to pass this law has been debunked, but the law still hasn’t been changed. I wish people would just look beyond party lines to see and hear us as people. I know it takes bravery, but that’s how you keep people safe.”

There are countless additional stories of criminals fleeing law enforcement and endangering citizens in our communities. Stolen vehicles are on the rise, and many are being used to carry out retail theft and organized retail crime across the state.

Call on your legislators to support SB 5352 by restoring its original version. The bill passed out of Committee on Tuesday and is awaiting a vote by the full House. If it passes, it must return to the Senate for concurrence. Please urge your legislator now.

Take 60 seconds to hear Amber’s story.


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