Kohl’s revamps strategy for the holidays

Oct 26, 2023
Written by WR Communications


Kohl’s is taking steps to stand out this holiday season with significant changes. Spearheading this transformation are two new vital figures: Tom Kingsbury, the fresh face at the helm as CEO, previously of Burlington Stores, and Nick Jones, the new Chief Merchant, who brings experience from big-name UK retailers.

Recent times have not been entirely kind to Kohl’s. They’ve experienced dips in sales, with a notable 9% decrease last year. This decline, significantly influenced by the pandemic’s economic shifts, has nudged Kohl’s to re-evaluate its approach and breathe new life into its stores. Their primary objective? Refresh their brand to pull back and increase their customer base, aiming for a resurgence in sales by 2024.

To do this, Kohl’s is diversifying its product range. Shoppers can expect to see new product lines popping up in stores. Think pet accessories for our furry friends, chic home decor to spruce up living spaces, and a variety of impulse buys, those intriguing items strategically placed to catch a shopper’s eye at the last moment.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is the expansion of Sephora shops within Kohl’s. Beauty products have remained a robust category, even during economic downturns. Recognizing this trend, Kohl’s is rolling out Sephora sections in around 900 of their stores this holiday season. For context, only 200 stores housed these beauty sections just two years back.

In addition to these product changes, Kohl’s is refining the in-store experience. Impulse purchase items will now be more prominently displayed near cash registers. Trendy, seasonal items will be front and center, ensuring they capture shoppers’ attention right as they step in.

All in all, Kohl’s is not just preparing for the holiday rush but is also reshaping its brand identity. With these revamps, the store hopes to become a preferred choice for shoppers this festive season.


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