Kemper Development educates retail managers on ORT

Aug 18, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Last week, Kemper Development, the developer, owner, and manager of The Bellevue Collection, hosted a breakfast meeting for its retail managers to discuss Organized Retail Theft. Alesha Shemwell, Director of Retail and WR Board Member, and Carl Kleinknecht, Kemper’s Director of Security, spoke about the organization’s 24/7 security coordination and collaboration with its retail stores.

During the presentation, each of the 100 managers in attendance received a copy of WR’s Guide to Navigating Public Safety & Retail Crime. Following the presentation, Shemwell expressed, “The specific guidance and approach to retail theft and public safety in the manual was timely and well-received. The more information we can provide to our retailers, the better we can work together to help prepare and prevent these crimes while keeping our employees and customers empowered and safe.”


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