Just released: WR’s first “about us” video

Nov 17, 2022
Written by WR Communications

The Washington Retail Association (WR) premiered its first About us video during Tuesday’s Annual Meeting. Months in the making, this short video helps to tell the story of the association and how it works to meet the needs of its members and retailers throughout Washington State.

Washington Retail is the primary steward of Washington’s retail experience and it is our mission to safeguard the interests of retailers across the state. We advocate on important policy issues, offer insight on industry trends, and provide resources that help drive down the cost of doing business.

During the past few years, Washington retailers have been on the front lines as never before. Amidst inflation, economic uncertainty, and supply chain disruptions, they remain hard at work to meet the rapidly changing needs of individuals and families.

Retail contributes $200 billion to Washington’s economy and supports 42%of the state’s operating budget. Its workforce employs hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians and pays $27 billion in wages annually. Nationally, retail is the 4th largest employer of immigrants, and 34% of retail’s workforce are people of color.


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