JT Wilcox hosts annual salmon bake

Sep 15, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Last Saturday, WR President/CEO Renée Sunde and Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs Mark Johnson attended the annual Wilcox Salmon Bake held at Wilcox Farms in Roy by Republican House Leader JT Wilcox. Over 450 folks attended the popular event. Republican Legislators attending included Alex Ybarra, Dan Griffey, Andrew Barkis, Jacquelin Maycumber, Ed Orcutt, Kelly Chambers, Peter Abbarno, Bruce Chandler, and Drew Stokesbary, among others. Dozens of candidates for the State House and Senate were also in attendance.

Taking part in events like this allows WR’s policy staff to meet with, and hear from, current and potential future legislators. It is a very efficient use of time and resources. From our interactions at these meetings, in combination with other criteria, we make recommendations to our WR Retail Action Council Political Action Committee board for consideration of endorsements and donations. Current donation limits to legislative candidates are $1,000 per race. WR’s PAC goal is to elect as many retail-supportive candidates as possible.

Washington is entirely a vote-by-mail state. Ballots will be mailed to voters in October, and the general election is on November 8. WR encourages Washington’s citizens to do their civic duty by learning about the candidates and supporting the ones that best reflect their positions and views.

Washington Retail appreciates all candidates willing to make personal, professional, and financial sacrifices in seeking office in service of their community and state.