Initiative could raise minimum wage for Tukwila workers

Mar 31, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Workers performing the same job for the same employer receive different wages, depending on which side of the street they work. SeaTac’s 2022 minimum wage is $17.53 per hour, and neighboring Tukwila follows the state’s $14.49 per hour minimum. The three-dollar difference doesn’t feel fair to many Tukwila and South Center area workers.

Many businesses have struggled to retain employees during the pandemic and have voluntarily raised wages to remain competitive at all levels, including starting pay. The Amazon warehouse located in Tukwila already offers wages comparable to SeaTac’s higher minimum wage, starting full-time workers at a pay rate of at least $17.75 an hour and part-time workers at least $17.30.

Neighboring Burien’s City Council is also considering a higher minimum wage.

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