Influencers help broaden retailers’ customer base

Jul 14, 2022
Written by WR Communications

More and more retailers are turning to social media influencers to help broaden their customer base and target specific audiences for their products. Breaking into the market can be difficult, especially for new retailers. Still, many are finding an advantage by partnering with influencers who have already built up their fanbase by creating custom content.

Competing for the attention of potential customers can be extremely difficult. According to a recent article in Retail Touchpoints, the key to success is giving influencers creative freedom while setting up content guardrails. Shoppers that are more social media savvy, like Gen Zers, are more likely to trust social media influencers over traditional advertising approaches. They tend to prefer a more organic experience where the sponsored product is woven subtly into the influencer’s presentation rather than being the focal point. This preference requires brands to adopt a more casual attitude with influencers to be effective.

The partnership between brand and influencer is a delicate balancing act in which the brand must be clear and upfront about expectations. It also allows the influencer freedom of expression and the decision of how to best address their audience.

Traacker recently released its 2022 Influencer Marketing Impact Report, in which they predict that marketing investments with influencers will grow to $5 billion next year in the U.S. alone.

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