Independence Day 2024 spending set to boom 

Jun 27, 2024
Written by WR Communications

As Independence Day approaches, a significant majority of consumers are gearing up for celebrations, with 87% planning to partake in festivities. According to a recent survey, individuals are expected to spend an average of $90.42 per person on food items for their Fourth of July celebrations. 

In addition to food expenses, 31% of celebrants also plan to purchase additional patriotic items, adding to the vibrant spirit of the holiday.  

The survey, conducted between June 3 and June 9, 2024, included responses from 8,952 consumers. These findings indicate a strong retail outlook for the holiday, suggesting retailers should prepare for a surge in demand for both food and patriotic merchandise. 

As we approach the Fourth of July, retailers can expect an influx of shoppers eager to stock up on celebratory essentials, promising a bustling and prosperous holiday season for the retail sector. 


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