I-2066 Stop the Gas Ban Initiative: Signature collection launched 

Jun 6, 2024
Written by WR Communications

The landscape of energy usage and regulation is a topic of ongoing discussion and debate in Washington state. One initiative that has recently gained attention is the I-2066 Stop the Gas Ban Initiative. As part of our commitment to keeping our readers informed, we’re sharing details about this initiative and its current status. 

The I-2066 initiative aims to address concerns surrounding the availability and affordability of natural gas services in the state. It proposes measures to mandate the continued provision of natural gas to eligible customers by utilities and local governments. Additionally, it seeks to restrict state approval of rate plans that may terminate gas service, restrict access, or make it cost-prohibitive. The initiative also aims to prevent penalties on natural gas usage by the state energy code, local governments, and air pollution control agencies. Furthermore, it includes repealing certain sections of Chapter 351, Laws of 2024, related to electrification planning and gas rebates. 

As part of the democratic process, the signature collection for the I-2066 initiative has been launched. This allows citizens who support the initiative to express their endorsement and potentially influence its inclusion on the ballot for public vote. It’s important to note that the collection of signatures is a crucial step in the initiative process, providing an opportunity for citizens to participate in shaping state policies. 

WR is committed to providing information to empower our readers to make informed decisions. We encourage you to consider I-2066 and stay engaged with the ongoing discussions and developments surrounding the state’s energy policies. 

Petition and signature collection: Letsgowashington.com 


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