How commercial real estate owners can combat organized retail theft

Jun 22, 2023
Written by WR Communications


The widespread issue of organized retail theft is creating substantial challenges across the United States, particularly impacting retail tenants, landlords, and customers in Washington state. This form of criminal activity, which involves multiple individuals stealing goods to fund various illicit pursuits, has been expanding in magnitude and intricacy. In response, property owners and retailers are on a quest to find effective ways to safeguard the welfare of their customers and staff while also trying to mitigate the economic impact of such crimes on their businesses.

In a recent episode of The Property Line podcast, an enlightening discussion on this rising problem took place. The guests on the show, Alesha Shemwell, WR Vice Chair, and Carl Kleinknecht from the Kemper Development Company and the Bellevue Collection, joined hosts Brian Atherton and Eric Greenberg to share their encounters with organized retail theft. They also discussed various technological solutions and resources that landlords and retail tenants can leverage to deter these criminal activities.

Carl Kleinknecht mentioned the ‘Guide to Navigating Public Safety & Retail Crime.’ This guide is a complimentary resource WR offers on its Public Safety and Retail Crime webpage. It is designed to equip retailers with knowledge and tools to effectively respond to and prevent such theft.

This engaging and insightful 16-minute podcast will give listeners a better understanding of organized retail theft’s scale, impact, and practical methods to counteract it. The discussion sheds light on an increasingly prevalent issue, offering practical guidance for those in the retail industry striving to create safer and more secure shopping environments.


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