Honoring all who served

Nov 11, 2021
Written by Renée Sunde, President & CEO

The Washington Retail Association will be closed Veterans Day 2021 in celebration of this important day, “Honoring All Who Served.” All veterans make a sacrifice to serve their country, whether physically, emotionally, or by being away from their loved ones.

Meanwhile, across Washington State, dozens of Veterans Day events are planned, including Auburn’s long-running Veterans Parade, Veterans Day celebrations at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, and many more.

Veterans Day, commemorated annually on Nov. 11, was first celebrated in 1919 to honor those who fought in World War I. It was initially known as Armistice Day and was renamed Veterans Day in 1954.

The holiday’s origin is linked to the armistice between the Allied nations and Germany, a temporary end of hostilities, signed in France on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

The name changed to Veterans Day in 1954, following shortly after the end of the Korean War and less than a decade after World War II after various veterans service organizations urged Congress to encompass veterans of all wars in their honor.

The truth is, retail careers and veterans have historically been well-suited for each other. Just as America’s veterans made a commitment to keeping our nation safe, the retail industry is committed to helping former service members take the next step in their careers. Veterans bring in-demand skills and a strong work ethic to the work they do every day, and retailers offer veterans tremendous opportunities to grow, prosper and lead in one of Washington state’s most dynamic and innovative industries.

Whether it’s strong leadership that values a solid chain of command or team attitude that promotes trusting one’s team, making an organization stronger than the sum of its parts, veterans offer the skills and training to meet the challenging and changing demands of the private sector industry. As in retail, the ability to think tactically and strategically is ingrained in every military service member through training and experience.

If you’re a retailer, consider hiring a highly-skilled veteran. We salute our veterans and look forward to years of partnership with the retail industry.