Help fight retail theft – join WSORCA

Jun 26, 2019
Written by Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs

Over $900 million is stolen from Washington State retailers each year.  Most of these thefts are committed by organized retail crime rings.  These rings are sophisticated and well organized.  The ring leaders train the shoplifters sometimes referred to as “mules.”

The mule is often given a shopping list of things they are supposed to steal, how to avoid getting caught and what to do if they are caught.  These staggering losses result in prices being increased and less profitable stores.  Something has to be done.

Fortunately, Washington State has one of the premier organized retail crime groups in the country known as the Washington State Organized Retail Crime Alliance or WSORCA.  This alliance is comprised of retail loss prevention and asset protection officers, prosecutors and police.  Their goal is to share information on these crime rings and the mules that are apprehended.

Often the same mule will hit multiple stores – even on the same day.  WSORCA maintains a database enabling members to post information, pictures and other data to help catch the thieves.  In order to post information and review existing files, you need to be approved for membership in WSORCA.  Membership is free.  WSORCA is funded by generous contributions from member companies.

If your company has loss prevention/asset protection officers and you would like to join WSORCA, please contact me ([email protected]) and I will help you with the application process.  Together we can help stem the organized retail thefts that are occurring in our state’s stores.