Heat safety measures vital for delivery drivers amid rising temperatures

Jul 27, 2023
Written by WR Communications


The escalating effects of climate change present a significant challenge for outdoor workers, including delivery drivers, who often face extreme heat conditions. The harsh reality of these workers’ plight often goes unnoticed until severe health consequences like heat strokes and other serious medical conditions come to light. This increasing concern necessitates delivery drivers to take ample precautions to protect themselves from heat-related ailments.

This is not an isolated issue. Data reveals that between 2015 and 2021, the Postal Service reported more than 150 heat-related incidents to OSHA, and UPS reported 117.

Only six states, including Washington, currently mandate heat rules for outdoor laborers, leaving many to contend with rising temperatures without proper safety measures.

Delivery drivers regularly grapple with demanding tasks and potentially dangerous heat exceeding 130F in their vehicles. In response, some companies have provided cooling sleeves and hats and installed fans. Dehydration and heat stress may lead to serious health problems, yet drivers often limit water intake to minimize bathroom stops. Awareness of heat safety issues goes beyond individual companies, affecting the whole industry.


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