Heat ruling effective date imminent

Jun 8, 2023
Written by WR Communications

While working outdoors can offer numerous benefits, it also comes with certain risks, particularly when dealing with extreme weather conditions. Heat-related illnesses pose a significant threat to outdoor workers, and it is crucial to prioritize their prevention as we enter the summer season.

In recognition of this, the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has implemented permanent rules to be effective soon, which emphasize the inclusion of a section on heat-related illness to be included in your Accident Prevention Program (APP).

It is essential for both supervisors and employees who regularly work outdoors to undergo training in the new rules and familiarize themselves with the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses. Also, the rule includes additional hydration and shaded break periods depending on the outdoor temperature. A template with training requirements is available here to assist with this requirement.

Remember, prioritizing the safety and well-being of outdoor workers during extreme weather conditions is crucial, and proactive measures can help prevent heat-related illnesses and accidents. The new heat rules make for a great safety meeting topic for all employees.

Our safety team is available to help members take their safety program from compliance to quality safety practices. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


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