Google rolls out new retail search tool for shoppers

Apr 7, 2022
Written by WR Communications

According to recent reports, Google has developed a new retail search tool that helps shoppers get better results for the items they’re hunting for online. The tool includes advanced query understanding to better match product traits with website content for easier discovery.

Retailers like Lowe’s and others who have tested this tool have seen an uptick in sales, bigger basket sizes, and better customer engagement overall. A representative for Lowe’s said in a statement that since partnering with Google, they have seen an increase in search conversion, a decline in their no results found rate, an uptick in their click-through rate, and improved search results for long-tail searches.

The tool has also helped address the issues of inadequate searches that lead to online cart abandonment and frustrated consumers. Google conducted a Harris Poll survey which indicated that 94% of U.S. consumers quit a shopping session due to inaccurate search results. Retailers were losing about $300 billion in sales annually because of this issue.

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