From stolen cars to stolen iPhones, thieves are busy in Washington state.

Apr 13, 2023
Written by WR Communications


Although not directly connected, these two crime stories involve burglaries and theft of valuable items in Washington state. In the first story, thieves broke into a coffee shop and made a hole in the bathroom wall to access an adjacent Apple store. They then stole over $500k worth of merchandise, including over 400 iPhones, as well as iWatches, and other products. The suspects wore masks and left no fingerprints behind, making it difficult for the police to identify them.

In the second story, the Centralia Police responded to a burglary alarm and caught four suspects fleeing from a business. The police performed a PIT maneuver to disable the suspect’s vehicle and apprehended two of the suspects. Although the other two suspects escaped capture, they have been positively identified and will be tracked down by law enforcement. The suspects admitted to committing ten burglaries in the area, including thefts from ATMs located in local businesses.

Both stories highlight the prevalence of theft and burglaries in Washington state and the challenges faced by law enforcement in identifying and apprehending suspects. While the first story was more sophisticated and well-planned, the second involves more opportunistic and impulsive acts of burglary. Nonetheless, both stories illustrate the importance of effective policing and cooperation among law enforcement agencies in combating crime.


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