Five area cannabis shops “rammed and robbed” in the past weeks

Nov 3, 2022
Written by WR Communications

A marijuana business in Olympia was rammed and ransacked early Saturday, October 29. It was one of three area shops purposely broken into by a vehicle in the last seven days.

The method was the same each time: A stolen car plows through the front entrance of a pot shop, destroying the storefront while leaving shattered glass and scattered debris throughout the store. Masked thieves rush in, ransack the place and flee in another stolen car.

This “ram and rob” type of theft happened five times in the past week in the South Sound area, with the latest break-in occurring early Saturday morning at The Green Lady, a West Olympia business.

The thieves got away with hundreds of dollars in cash and product while causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Video of the Olympia incident showed the same events as a similar incident in Tacoma just a day earlier. In that case, however, multiple thieves exchanged gunfire with a security guard before fleeing the scene. Tacoma police suspect one of the thieves was shot.

Installing steel bollards or wire gabion cages filled with rocks can significantly reduce Ram-and-rob incidents. More information on perimeter protection is available on the WR resource page.


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