Ensuring a safe holiday shopping season for shoppers and staff

Nov 10, 2022
Written by WR Communications

It’s the second week of November and well into the holiday shopping season. Wet weather and crowds can add to the chaotic process and create a perfect storm for injuries, making preparation and planning crucial to ensuring shoppers and employees stay safe.

Focus on using an encouraging tone when communicating with employees about paying increased attention to safety during the busy shopping season.

Safety tips for shoppers during the holidays:

  • Parking lots are more crowded than usual – use extra caution when parking or leaving the parking lot.
  • Be patient, don’t push, shove or run, especially in crowded areas.
  • Take time to wipe wet shoes off on the mats at the entrances of stores.
  • Follow posted masking guidelines if directed by the business.

Safety tips for retailers to reduce the likelihood of incidents:

  • Keep floors clean and dry.
  • Ensure stockrooms are organized, and hazards are promptly cleaned up when bringing additional merchandise to the sales floor.
  • Keep entrance mats dry and replace them as needed.
  • Be attentive to housekeeping and keep aisles clear.
  • Check public restrooms and ensure entrances and exits remain unobstructed.
  • Keep the parking lot and storefront well-lit, and replace dead bulbs as soon as feasible.
  • Now that standard time is back, check timers on lighting and signage, so they turn on at the correct time.

As we all remain vigilant on safety, we can enjoy a safer and happier holiday shopping season!

Rick Means, Director of Safety and Education, is available to help members with safety. Contact Rick at 360-943-9198, Ext. 118 or [email protected]


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