Do you have questions about this year’s election in Seattle?

Nov 1, 2023
Written by Robert B. Haase, Director of Communications


Are you still gathering information to inform your vote on November 7th? Here’s a terrific article from The Seattle Times with information about the two King County Council races, seven Seattle City Council races, and the affordable housing levy renewal. It includes links to candidates’ responses to the Times questionnaire.

The Downtown Seattle Association also has a candidate scorecard. The highest-scoring candidates were:

District 1         Rob Saka

District 2         Tanya Woo

District 3         Joy Hollingsworth and Alex Hudson (tied)

District 4         Maritza Rivera

District 5         Cathy Moore

District 6         Pete Hanning and Dan Strauss (tied)

District 7         Bob Kettle and Andrew Lewis (tied)


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