Customer needs have changed during the pandemic, survey finds

Oct 29, 2020
Written by wpengine

Customer needs have evolved this year during the length of the COVID-19 pandemic, surveys by the research firm Intouch Insight have shown.

The firm surveyed shoppers in May and October, then released findings showing how needs have changed. Both surveys can be downloaded here.

Some key findings:

  • In May, 45% of shoppers said they wanted to see improved cleanliness before returning to shop. This number has dropped to 24% in October as customers evolved into wanting retailers to require masks while shopping. By October, 82% want to see disinfectant wipes made available while 77% want businesses to limit the number of customers allowed in a store at one time.
  • In May, store cleanliness was the top ranked factor by 63% of customers. By October, convenience and price topped the list of 80% of respondents.
  • In May, 29% said they were extremely likely to shift to online shopping. By October, this number had grown to 42%. Overall, 54% of October respondents said the frequency with which they were buying online had increased.
  • The findings suggest that brick-and-mortar retailers would be wise to introduce curb-side pickup to tie customers’ desires for convenience and safety more closely together.