Cultivating relationships is key to safe workplaces

Apr 6, 2023
Written by WR Communications


According to a study by Intertek Alchemy, 66% of businesses report that employees fail to follow their safety program while working, and 59% say they don’t have enough time to develop a plan. In other words, the most significant challenges with workplace safety training are time and planning follow-through.

Motivating workers to achieve maximum productivity safely is the crucial duty of management in any organization. The Alchemy study shows that 75% of company leaders believe that boosting compliance with company safety programs would lead to a corresponding increase in productivity.

The development of a workplace’s culture is primarily driven by management. Every day, company leaders send a message to their workers regarding their commitment to safety or lack thereof. Therefore, management must communicate to the workers that safety is a top priority. By fostering a strong connection between workers and management—and investing time and effort to make safety relatable to everyone—management can reap significant benefits.

When employees feel their employers value their safety and team participation, it builds trust in the organization. When workers and management trust each other:

  • Productivity increases
  • Suggestions for improvements and changes are made
  • Workplace injuries occur less frequently and with less severity
  • Employee turnover is reduced

Maintaining a healthy relationship between staff and management is essential for the overall health of any company. Review our resources to help build an effective training program:

Our safety team is available to help members take their safety program from compliance to quality safety practices. Contact us 360-943-9198 x122 or [email protected]to learn more.


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