Covington Chamber hosts ORC luncheon

Mar 16, 2023
Written by WR Communications

Robert B. Haase, WR Director of Communications, speaking on public safety methods to the Covington Chamber members.


The Covington Chamber of Commerce hosted a special ORC luncheon this past week, their largest gathering to date.

Attendees displayed genuine interest in how Organized Retail Crime had been affecting their community, and actively participated in discussions surrounding prevention strategies and planning.

Speakers included Robert Nelson, President of the Washington Organized Retail Crime Association (WAORCA), Robert B. Haase, WR Director of Communications and author of WR’s ORC resource guide, and Covington Police Chief Adam Easterbrook. Robert Mosely from Lowes’ loss prevention was also part of the Q&A team.

“I had no idea that organized retail crime was so broad and touched so many areas of our lives. [Their presentation] really opened my eyes,” said Dana Neuts, Covington Chamber Executive Director.


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