Consumers return to buy “real” clothes again

Mar 25, 2021
Written by wpengine

Apparel is one line of retail that has been hammered by trends that developed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The newly homebound and others who’ve worked strictly from home refrained from updating their wardrobes.

Clothing sales plummeted 86% in the first months of the pandemic and have yet to recover, according to federal data. In February, Americans spent $19.6 million at clothing and accessories stores, down 11 percent from a year earlier.

But as taxpayers collect stimulus checks, get vaccinated and begin returning to the office, they’re coming back to buying work-appropriate apparel, retailers say. Some report more clothing and shoe sales and rising demand for suits, dress shirts and even tuxedos. Other top items include trendy tops, wide-leg jeans and even resort wear and swimsuits.

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