Chamber releases latest poll of Seattle voters

Oct 27, 2022
Written by WR Communications

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce released the results of its September poll of Seattle voters. Not surprisingly, the top concerns of Seattleites were homelessness (57%) and public safety (45%).

Seattle voters also expressed serious concerns about the state of downtown. Poll respondents reported making fewer non-work trips into downtown. Plus, 7 of 10 do not feel safe downtown at night (a slight improvement from the previous poll).

It’s important to note that Seattle voters expressed concern about businesses in the city. Indeed, 3 of the top 7 issues “to improve quality of life” were focused on helping businesses:

#3: Helping local businesses deal with public safety concerns

#6: Addressing organized retail theft

#7: Making Seattle a good place to do business

We appreciate the hard work of the Chamber to gather and communicate information about the attitudes and concerns of Seattle residents.


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