Building a stronger workforce: The impact of the Workforce for America Act 

Apr 11, 2024
Written by WR Communications

The House passed the Stronger Workforce for America Act this week in a 378 to 36 vote. This bipartisan support is a significant milestone, signaling a commitment to strengthening employer engagement and ensuring worker competitiveness in today’s dynamic job market. H.R. 6655 fosters partnerships between workforce development agencies, colleges and universities, and businesses, benefiting employers and employees.

The Stronger Workforce for America Act aims to revitalize the nation’s workforce development system, building upon the foundation laid by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014. Recognizing persistent challenges in providing effective services to workers and employers, the new bill proposes significant updates to WIOA, focusing on four key pillars: skills development, accountability, pathways to economic opportunity, and innovation for a skills-based economy.

The Act proposes to allocate 50 percent of adult and dislocated worker funding towards upskilling through individual training accounts (ITAs) and employer-led initiatives, providing displaced workers with $5,000 ITAs for high-quality reskilling programs. States are empowered to establish critical industry skills funds to support workforce upskilling in priority sectors. Moreover, it enhances accountability by streamlining training provider lists, updating performance indicators, and modernizing service delivery.

The bill also emphasizes pathways to economic opportunity, such as work-based learning for youth and supporting individuals transitioning from incarceration to employment. Additionally, it promotes innovation by authorizing demonstration programs, facilitating skills-based hiring practices, and enhancing workforce data quality.

The Workforce for America Act will provide individuals the necessary skills to adapt to the ever-changing job market and will help to foster collaboration between employers and the workforce system; driving economic growth and prosperity for all Americans.


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