Bills near action deadlines

Feb 11, 2021
Written by wpengine

Today, the 32nd day of the 105-day Legislature session, lawmakers face a deadline in four days to move policy-related bills out of committee. The deadline for committee action on fiscal bills is February 22, just 11 days away.

As these cutoffs approach WR is keeping an eye on both fronts as we navigate the issues most important to our members.

Here’s a summary of some of the key bills on the radar:

  • Senate bill 5062 would establish shared responsibility between stores and companies that process sales to protect the online identity of customers. The Senate Ways & Means committee held a hearing on it this week.
  • House bill 1095 to forgive Business and Occupation tax on financial aid received during the COVID-19 pandemic has unanimously passed the House and was moving through the Senate for a vote. WR supports the bill.
  • WR opposes House bill 1076 that would allow third parties to file lawsuits against employers for alleged workplace legal violations. WR sees the possibility of a lengthy debate on the proposal.
  • Senate bill 5284 would eliminate a subminimum wage for employees with disabilities. WR has urged a study on the question before taking any action on the bill.
  • Senate bill 5191 has been introduced to prohibit price gouging on merchandise during an emergency such as the pandemic. It was scheduled for final committee action today. WR has suggested amendments to the Attorney General’s office and Legislature to ensure fairness and clarity in the language.
  • House bill 1161 would expand prescription drug take-back programs by amending requirements. WR supports the bill that could help keep potentially dangerous drugs out of the possession of people for whom they have not been prescribed.

Washington Retail will continue monitoring progress on key bills and follow with a more detailed report for members following scheduled adjournment on April 25.