Benton County Sheriff’s Office considers AI tool for identifying suspects

Feb 1, 2024
Written by WR Communications


The Benton County Sheriff’s Office in Washington state is at the forefront of adopting advanced technology to enhance law enforcement capabilities. They are considering implementing Clearview AI’s technology, a sophisticated artificial intelligence system designed to identify individuals in photographs and videos. This initiative, if approved, would mark the first use of such technology by a law enforcement agency in the state.

Clearview AI’s system compares images from criminal cases to a vast database of over 40 billion photos from social media and other public domains. This comparison process aims to assist detectives in identifying potential suspects more efficiently, potentially saving hundreds of investigative hours. The proposed $7,500 annual subscription to Clearview AI’s service is seen as a valuable addition to the existing toolkit used by law enforcement officers.

Sheriff Tom Croskrey emphasized that this technology would serve as an auxiliary tool, supplementing traditional investigative methods rather than replacing them. The technology’s primary function is to aid in the initial identification process, which is currently performed through manual searches on social media and other platforms.

However, the proposal has sparked a debate about privacy and civil liberties. Critics, including several U.S. lawmakers, have raised concerns about the potential misuse of facial recognition technology. They argue that such tools could infringe on individuals’ privacy rights and deter public participation in democratic activities like protests and rallies. Concerns have also been raised about the accuracy of facial recognition technology, particularly its reliability in identifying individuals of diverse racial backgrounds.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office is undergoing a state-mandated accountability process in response to these concerns. This includes hosting a public meeting to discuss the technology’s use and drafting an accountability report outlining the software’s intended use, decision-making protocols, and measures to minimize the collection of extraneous information.

The public’s response to this proposal will be crucial in determining the future use of AI in law enforcement within Benton County. The upcoming public meeting and the subsequent 90-day comment period will offer a platform for community members to voice their opinions and concerns, ultimately influencing the commissioners’ decision to adopt this technology.


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