Association narrows focus on Legislature’s retail-related bills

Jan 29, 2020
Written by wpengine

The 2020 Legislative session will reach the one-third mark on Sunday. More than 1,000 bills in total had already been filed as of last Friday.

Here are highlights of retail-related bills on WR’s watchlist:

  • Senate Bill 6182 would require closed captioning to be shown on television sets in places of public accommodations statewide. City Councils in Seattle and Tacoma have approved similar requirements. A Senate committee has moved the bill on to the Rule Committee for a second reading.
  • House Bill 1159 would change the definition of retail theft to include concealing items before stealing. WR supports the bill as a means to curb organized retail theft. Store personnel currently must wait until a thief has left the store before apprehending a suspect. The bill is in the House Rule Committee for a second reading.
  • Senate Bill 2651 would impose a $500 fine for mislabeling fresh food. Though the bill aims to reduce food waste, WR favors a uniform national labeling standard. It is scheduled for a hearing on Friday.
  • Senate Bill 6104 would allow the sale of liquor for off-premises consumption at smaller convenience stores. The committee on Labor & Commerce has conducted a public hearing about the bill.
  • A committee has conducted a public hearing on House Bill 2360 that would establish a voluntary collection program to dispose of needles used outside of a medical setting. WR supports the bill.

Look for further weekly updates in this newsletter and a report on the status of all retail-related bills WR has followed after adjournment of the session scheduled on March 12.